Jan 09 2015

Is Business SMS Important In The U.S.?

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Text messaging is a technology feature that has been around for a while since it first exploded on the scene. Many professional marketers are already taking advantage of all the opportunities that SMS brings to their marketing strategy and now more and more businesses are realizing just how important business SMS in the U.S. can be. The use of traditional marketing methods like snail mail, radio and TV ads slowly are dwindling making a way for new, advanced methods to take center stage.

Why Does Your Business Need SMS?

Text messaging can improve your business significantly. There isn’t really any other method out there that can compete and once set up you can start seeing results almost instantly. It’s highly effective at reaching people all over the world and is very affordable. Another great thing for businesses is that you can easily monitor your SMS campaigns to see what is working and what isn’t while targeting a specific group of people. You can also save a lot of money by using SMS for your business since text messages are relatively inexpensive.

SMS Marketing: The New Era of Business Exposure



If you still aren’t convinced about the power of SMS marketing her are some reasons why SMS should be an important part of your marketing strategy.


  • People take their cell phones everywhere. Many people always have their phone within arms reach throughout their entire day. Most people even sleep with their phone right next to them. This makes SMS marketing an essential tool since you will be spreading your message through a platform that millions of people use on a daily basis.
  • No one likes to talk anymore. Today everyone would rather e-mail or text someone before they pick up the phone to call them and according to Nielsen Media, voice spending has been on a downward spiral in the past couple of years. Why? Because today many people find phone calls to be a bit intrusive forcing people to answer them taking away from what they’re doing or ignore it if they are busy. Text messages don’t require an immediate response and the receiver has time to think about their response without any pressure.
  • Many people like SMS marketing. Businesses using text messages to send their customers and potential customers messages is becoming a common occurrence. Instead of signing up for an email newsletter a customer simply texts a number and they’re automatically opted in. Many people prefer this method because it’s easy, quick, and very little work is involved.

As one of the cutting edges of technology in the business world implementing SMS into your brands marketing campaign can improve your business considerably. It makes your company look more tech-savvy and up-to-date and allows you to interact with your customers more.


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Jul 16 2014

How Caller ID Works On Modern Phones

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If you have caller identification services on your phone then you’ve witnessed an amazing event every time your phone rings. You can see the number of whoever is calling you right on the screen of your phone. Every day millions of people witness this incredible ability of technology but few really know just how it all happens.

What is Caller ID?

Caller identification, also known as CNAM, is a service that allows the receiving party in a two-way call to view the name and number of the party that is calling if it is available. While when referred to as CNAM, it means that both the name and number is accessible the more traditional name simply refers to the delivery of the number.

How Does Caller ID Work?

Caller ID Box

The process of receiving a caller’s information directly to your phone is actually quite simple when you get down to it. With early modems they used a technique called Frequency Shift Keying, FSK, which transmits bits over a phone line. In order to send information to the receiving phone line, phone companies use an FSK technique to send ASCII character data to the ID box, which translates it for the receiving party to recognize.

The calling number is provided by the party that is calling’s switch. With traditional analog lines this number is the actual number registered to the line. With other calling connections like VoIP or SIP the calling party can choose what number will be sent each time they make a call. In order for the system to determine what the name associated with the number is the party receiving the call’s carrier will do a quick search. By scanning the CNAM database they will determine if the number is registered to a name in the system and if so that will be the displayed name. Sometimes phone users request to have a number removed from the CNAM database preventing a name lookup causing the name to show up as “Unavailable” or “Unknown”.

Caller identification lets you, your friends, associates, employees, and more know that you’re calling them as well as lets you know who’s calling you. With its popularity most of the time it is free to use and easy to set up. It is one of the features that many telephone users say they can’t live without and comes with numerous advantages for those using modern phones as well as advanced cellular phones.


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Feb 11 2014

The Basics Of SMS Networking

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Short Message Service, better known as SMS or text messaging , is a telecommunications service that allows the user to send short text messages to another mobile phone. Most wireless networks can reach almost every mobile phone in use today, making it one of the most complex methods of telecommunication.

Types of SMS Messages

SMS messages can typically be sent and received within seconds from anywhere in the world. It is estimated that the amount of messages sent will continue to grow steadily for years to come. What many people don’t realize is that not all SMS messages are the same. Person-to-person messages connect one individual to another while application-to-person messages are mainly used by companies that want to interact with consumers through an application.

When signing up for SMS services there are two types. Standard rate messaging services, also known as bulk SMS, let companies send large quantities of SMS quickly and efficiently. Premium rate messaging services are used by businesses that want to charge their consumers for content or services by using text messages. If, for example a bus ticket or parking fee needed to be paid all the consumer needs to do is send a text message and the fee is charged to their monthly bill giving businesses a simple, painless payment method for their customers.

How SMS Networking Works and Why You Should Be Using It

SMS networking works by starting with the sending device or application. The message to be sent is stored in a central short message center, which then forwards it to its destination. So just in case the recipient device is not available, the message can be stored in the short message center and be sent later. While each message cannot contain more than 160 characters multiple messages can be sent in a short period of time. An interesting feature that SMS has that pretty much no other communications method has is the return receipts feature. This means that if a sender wants to confirm that their massage was sent they can get a small message sent to them whenever their text is delivered. Also, since SMS does not use dedicated channels and simply rely on signaling channels messages can be sent and received while voice, data, or fax services are in use.

SMS offers businesses a great communication channel for effective, two-way interactions with current customers as well as potential customers. It can increase brand awareness, develop customer loyalty, and provide businesses with accurate and up-to-date feedback on their product or service. Since there is no long wait for responses or interactions like with email SMS provides the immediate interaction that no other communication medium can offer.

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Sep 06 2013

The Future Is Here: Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

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Choosing the right phone system for your business or personal use is extremely important. Today’s technology affords you a wealth of options, which means that you can decide upon the system which works well for you and your needs. One of the most popular options these days is the cloud hosted phone system. This phone system, while seemingly complex, is actually very easy to understand an implement into your daily routine. With this system, you won’t need to worry about being confined to your office because you are waiting for certain calls.

What is a Cloud Hosted System


Before delving into the benefits of this phone system, it is important to identify what exactly this type of system is. A cloud system is the process of connecting your phone to an off-site data cloud center. The data cloud center then connect to your mobile device or any other phone you designate. This provides you with the ability to not only get calls through the internet service, but it also enables you to receive calls no matter where you are. There are a number of additional features to this system which aree worthwhile considering if you want to move to a cloud based system.

Low Cost

One of the greatest benefits to a cloud hosted system is that it is relatively low cost. The reason behind the low cost is that the cloud system utilizes the web instead of other options. Receiving and sending calls through the web is much cheaper than using other systems. The greatest cost associated with the cloud system is that there may be a high upfront cost when it comes to getting the equipment. Besides that, you won’t face monthly fee that is connected to your phone use.

Call Quality

Finally, as long as you have a strong and consistent internet connection, you can expect that your call quality is going to be at the level that you are looking for. The call quality stays strong and consistent because the web connection that you use is able to be carried into areas where traditional phone and mobile devices cannot operate properly. Overall, this means that you’ll gain more flexibility, ease of use, higher-quality, and lower cost when you use a cloud based system for your phone calls. The system is also extremely easy to configure and can be done in minutes.

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Mar 21 2013

Responsible Businesses Have Switched To Green Faxing

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Every year, businesses waste thousands of dollars on faxing equipment, paper, ink, and other necessary component regarding fax systems. In addition to these costs, businesses are also obligated to waste time in repairing broken fax technology and they also tend to waste time waiting for faxes. These types of issues severely cut down on productivity, all the while increasing costs and energy. Rather than struggle with these types of problems, your business can make the switch and become like most responsible businesses by switching to a green fax system. For those who are unfamiliar with how it works, below is an overview of the system and how it can benefit you.

Overview Green Faxing System

A green faxing system is perhaps one of the most beneficial and cost-saving moves that you can make for your business. Green faxing works by essentially providing you with a dedicated fax number in your area code. When a fax is sent to the number of your choice, you receive faxes through the online fax line. The faxes are then efficiently forwarded to your email, appearing in a neat and clear PDF document. An alternative to receiving the fax via email is also logging into the green faxing system’s private site and downloading the fax from there. This alternative is an extremely secure option of businesses that want to maintain confidentiality.

Outgoing Faxes


In addition to eliminating the need for paper with incoming faxes, it also does the same with outgoing faxes. You can send outgoing faxes from the company’s secure website or you do so though the email service. The email service will directly fax the information to the fax number of your choice.

No Need for Hardware

Another benefit of this system is that it operates via cloud technology. This means that you don’t need to invest in expensive technology like a fax machine, software, additional phone lines, and more. Everything is directed through the cloud. Because the system uses cloud technology, you can also gain a high level of mobility too. For example, you can send faxes and receive faxes directly through your mobile device. In addition, the system is entirely safe and secure, it allows for a high volume of storage, and you also will never have to deal with a busy fax line ever again. This means that you can quickly and easily get your work done without wasting time.

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